Open Sushi


€ 15 for lunch
€ 26 for dinner

The choice of the Open Sushi menu is valid only if made by the whole table. Each person the table can order a maximum of 3 times. with a four-course limit per order. The highlighted items are excluded from the Open Sushi. They can be ordered and charged separately with discounted price different from the a la carte menu. The order of delivery of the dishes varies according to the preparation times of each individual plate without distinction between first and second starters. Any excesses ordered with the Open Sushi formula will be charged separately.

I nostri menù

Open Sushi


SALMON | salmon, avocado, mayonnaise
EBITEN | tempura shrimp, teriyaki sauce
ALLORA | tuna tartare, crunch, teriyaki sauce
SHRIMP | steamed shrimp, philadelphia, teriyaki sauce
BASS | Sea bass tempura, mayonnaise, philadelphia, fried onion


GREEN | tempura shrimp, tuna tartare, soy crepes, yuzumiso sauce
PINK | seared salmon, philadelphia, salmon tartare, soy crepes, teriyaki sauce
BLACK | black rice, crab meat, cucumber, avocado, soy crepes, tobiko, yuzumiso sauce
CHILI | soy crepes, tempura chicken, spicy sauce, fried onion


UDON | durum wheat udon sauteed with eggs, shrimp, vegetables julienne, crab meat
YAKI SOBA | buckwheat noodles with shrimps, vegetable julienne, egg, katsuobushi
YAKITORI RICE | sauteed rice with chicken, egg, vegetable julienne
VEGETABLE RICE | rice sauteed with vegetable julienne
BLACK RISE | black rice sauteed with shrimp, egg, vegetable julienne and tofu
| Sautéed durum wheat udon with coconut milk, pesto, potatoes julienne, almonds and lime
SHRIMP RICE | rice sauteed with shrimp, egg and vegetable julienne


Shrimps and vegetables tempura
chicken with curry
Yaki tori | Chicken skewers in teriyaki sauce
shrimp skewers
tuna or salmon tataki


Pasta with tomato sauce
Chicken cutlet with potatoes


Italian mochi | 1 pice
Dessert of the day


EDAMAME | steamed soy beans
MISO SOUP | miso soup, tofu and dried wakame seaweed
SPICY MISO SOUP | miso soup, tofu and dried wakame seaweed
GOMA WAKAME | green seaweed salad
SHRIMP DUMPLING | steamed, fried or grilled
VEGETABLES GREEN DUMPLING | steamed, fried or geilled
| steamed, fried or grilled
SHRIMP STICK | crispy prawns in pasta kataifi, edamame and spicy sauce


CEVICHE | salmon crudites, red onion, celery, cherry tomatoes, corn salad, lime, EVO oil, salt and pepper
TUNA CEVICHE | cruditè of tuna, red onions, mango, avocado, celery, cherry tomatoes, songino, lime, EVO oil, salt and pepper
AMBERJACK CEVICHE | amberjack crudites, red onion, celery, cherry tomatoes, corn salad, lime, EVO oil, salt and pepper
VEGGY CEVICHE | tofu, mango, avocado, red onion, celery, songino, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, lime, EVO oil, salt and pepper, yuzumiso sauce


SALMON | served with ponzu sauce
TUNA | served with ponzu sauce
TROPICAL | salmon, avocado, mango
AMBERJACK | served with ponzu sauce
SPECIAL SALMON | salmon on avocado, almonds and tobiko
SPECIAL TUNA | tuna tartare, buffalo stracciatella, cherry tomatoes, crumbled pistacchio, crumbled tarallo
THE CHEF’S TARTARE COLLECTION | salmon, amberjack, tuna


SALMON | salmon carpaccio served with spring onion chips and apple vinegar dressing
TUNA | tuna carpaccio served with spring onion chips and apple vinegar dressing
BASS | bass carpaccio served with spring onion chips and apple vinegar dressing
AMBERJACK | amberjack carpaccio served with spring onion chips and apple vinegar dressing
MIX | Salmon, tuna and sea bass carpaccio served with spring onion chips and apple vinegar dressing (6 pieces)


TROPICAL | Mixed sashimi on mango cream, maracuja and fresh fruit
MIX Salmon, tuna and sea bass


BLACK SALMON | Black rice, salmon tartare, avocado, wrapped in salmon carpaccio, ikura and teriyaki sauce
BLACK CHICKEN | Black rice, chicken tempura, mayonnaise, jalapeños, potatoes julienne, spicy sauce
BLACK ONION | Black rice, crab meat, mayonnaise, salmon tartare, avocado carpaccio, teriyaki sauce, fried onion
BLACK PASSION | Buffalo stracciatella, red prawn, edamame cream, currant
BLACK PASSION | Avocado, red shrimp, philadelphia, passion fruit


SEAWEED | Tofu, avocado, wrapped in wakame seaweed, teriyaki sauce
CAPRESE | Mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, basil, EVO oil and almonds
DAICHI ROLL | Salad, dried tomatoes, carrots
BUFFALO | Buffalo stracciatella, basil chips, dried tomatoes
GENOESE | Potatoes julienne, avocado, pesto, philadelphia, pine nuts


SAKE AVOCADO | Salmon, avocado, philadelphia
MIURA MAKI | Seared salmon, philadelphia, iceberg salad, teriyaki sauce
ALMOND | Salmon tartare, philadelphia, avocado, almond flakes, teriyaki sauce
OYES | Salmon tartare, avocado, philadelphia, wrapped in salmon sashimi, crunch, teriyaki sauce and spicy
CRUNCH | Salmon tartare, wrapped in salmon sashimi, teriyaki sauce and crunch
DOUBLE SALMON | Tempura salmon, philadelphia, mayonnaise, wrapped in salmon, teriyaki sauce
MEXICO | Salmon tartare, philadelphia, breading of nachos, jalapenos
CRISPY SALMON | Philadelphia, crab meat, wrapped in salmon tartare teriyaki sauce and crispy and fried crunch
SUPER SALMON |eared salmon, mango, wrapped in salmon carpaccio, mayonnaise, grains of hazelnuts


SPECIAL | Tempura shrimp, mayonnaise, wrapped in salmon carpaccio, teriyaki sauce
BLUE | Cooked shrimp, philadelphia, avocado, wrapped in seared salmon carpaccio, teriyaki sauce
CALIFORNIA | Tuna sauce, steamed shrimp, avocado
PHILADELPHIA MAKI | Steamed shrimp, philadelphia, avocado
ANGY | Tempura shrimp, philadelphia, avocado, crunch, teriyaki sauce
SHRIMP ONION| Shrimp tempura, mayonnaise, wrapped in seared sea bass carpaccio, fried onions, teriaki sauce
SUNRISE | Tempura shrimp, wrapped in mixed carpaccio, yuzumiso sauce, chopped tomatoes


LIGURE | Pra pesto, julienne potatoes, philadelphia, wrapped in tuna
TUNA AVOCADO | Tuna, avocado, philadelphia
AMAZON | Tuna tartare, philadelphia, avocado, tuna sashimi, crunch, teriyaki and spicy sauce
BRONTE | Tuna tartare, philadelphia, avocado, wrapped in tuna fillet, crumbled pistachio
CRISPY TUNA | Tuna, tempura shrimp, avocado, crispy and fried
MEXICO TUNA | Tuna, philadelphia, jalapeños, nachos, teriyaki sauce


CHICKEN ONION | Chicken in teriyaki sauce, mayonnaise, fried onion, teriyaki sauce
MACK | Marinated mackerel, dried tomato, buffalo stracciatella, wrapped in avocado carpaccio, crunch
CRAB SALMON | Crab meat, mayonnaise, avocado, wrapped in salmon carpaccio, crunch, teriyaki sauce, philadelphia
CINQUE TERRE | Tempura bass, philadelphia, dried tomato, pesto, bass carpaccio, olive patè, almonds
SWEET & SPICY | Amberjack, avocado, philadelphia, mango, steamed shrimp tartare, chopped tomatoes, jalapeno
BASS PEANUTS | Sea bass tempura, iceberg salad, philadelphia, teriyaki sauce and peanuts
FLOWER ROLL | Shrimp tempura, philadelphia, wrapped in mango, pumpkin flower, ikura and teriyaki sauce
TYROLEAN | Zucchini tempura, gorgonzola, wrapped in sea bass carpaccio, crispy speck, mayonnaise and teriyaki sauce


SALMON | Salmon tartare, wrapped in salmon
TUNA | Tuna tartare, wrapped in tuna
HOT SALMON | Philadelphia, steamed shrimp, wrapped in salmon
STRAW | Strawberry tartare, balsamic glaze, wrapped in salmon
BASS | Bass tartare, spicy sauce, wrapped in bass
TROPICAL | Mango and avocado sauce, wrapped in salmon fillet
ITALIAN | Philadelphia, cherry tomatoes, pesto, wrapped in tuna
GUNKAN G | Red shrimp, mango, steamed shrimp tartare, mayonnaise
SPECIAL | Salmon tartare, chive, wrapped in sea bass


cooked shrimp
red shrimp